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            Colourful combos... mix & match

                   So often one picture just isn't enough, however a large original might be cost prohibitive or just not practical.
                   I think of so many of John's pieces as wonderful Lego , so easy to put together in small collections.  Here
                   are some of John's collectors' best ideas, send me yours, I share them with everyone!

                   Visit! Browse! Collect! Enjoy! Stephanie Salsnek

                   (p.s. images ARE grainy for the same old reason, apologies to our valued collectors... bahumbug to the copycatrs!)

Apple Fritters & Lost in the Mail

"Apple Fritters" & "Lost in the Mail"

Autumn Gold & Colour of Autumn

"Autumn Gold" & "Colour of Autumn"

Barloga's Courtyard & Doorway in Tuscany

"Barloga's Courtyard" & "Doorway in Tuscany"

Cat Nap & Sunday Morning

"Cat Nap" & "Sunday Morning"

Collectors' Shelf Set 1 & 11 & Bed & Breakfast

"Collectors' Shelf Set I&II" with "Bed & Breakfast" in the middle

Hitchin' a Ride & The Barrow Gang

"Hitchin' a Ride" & "The Barrow Gang"

Garden Party

"Maraschino Magic" & "Garden Party"

Heaven Scent

"Penny's Roses" & "Heaven Scent"

Vagabond & G.Q.

"Vineyard Vagabond" & "G.Q."

Blue Angels & Morning Sparkle

"Blue Angels" & "Morning Sparkle"

             GIFTS...       all sorts of options.... we have a nice collection of gift items in our Gallery
             year round... water bottles, great mugs, collector boxes, wine boxes, fantastic tempered
             glass cutting boards, coaster sets... a few more...

             however... you can order any one of these terrific products with any of John's published
             images applied.  Let us know what you would like!

             CARDS...  Art cards are always popular and most of John Salsnek© Collection fit
           nicely into a 5"x7" or matted 8"x10 frame, a delightful instant miniature of that tiny
           spot that needs some TLC with a burst of colour.


... it's long tale...


..early snow & bluebirds...

Fish 4 Some

... they didn't get away...

Garden Party

... who will she choose?...

Marachino Cherry

...favourite fruit... captivating characters...

Morning Sparkle

...loons on the water...

Over a Barrel country...

Twilight Glow approach...

Un-Frog-ettables pretty... so poisonous!...

Winter Covey

... cuddled in for the winter...

... ice wine...

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