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Original Paintings,Giclées & Limited  Editions

Salsnek Stats

Nature artist John Salsnek hung up his suit and tie to try out the idea of creating a vocation from his passion for creating a vocation from his passion for capturing nature on canvas. The plan was one year. It's been a long year... about 275 months and counting.

After a decade in the Gallery and Exhibition circuit, Paw Prints Gallery was established in 1999, exclusively featuring John's work... a walk into nature. In 2005, the Gallery became a seperate entity catering to the comfort of John's collectors and his Studio expanded.

Here are some of the questions John answers most often...

What is your favourite painting? the next one

The ideas and inspiration for your paintings?   everywhere and anywhere, all the time

What is your favourite medium?   acrylic on different surfaces anything's a possibility

How many paintings do you complete in a year?   complete? neot everything gets finished the way I want in a year but about three dozen pieces leave my studio and are ready for our Gallery each year

How did the California Quail become such a signature image for you?  we love living in the Okanagan and these captivating characters are favourites with local collectors and tourists, it's improtant to make your work part of the community.

Do you have a favourite research assistant?   Harley Salsnek, drop dead gorgeous blonde, 900 lbs of curves and muscle...

Other hobbies?   riding Harley and sleuthing out new ideas and new worlds; building thins large and small... birdhouses, buildings; good and bad sci-fi movies...

Salsnek stats:

born in Austria, raised in Canada, married, 4 legged family

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