"Spring's Delight"

...chickadees & magnolias...

"Twilight Glow"

...hummingbirds & wisteria...



"Heaven Scent"

...just a moment...

"Garden Party"
…which handsome fellow will she choose?…


Garden delights..


Rose Garden


First Place Art Award Winner!

They have many advantages! We offer a collection of signed and numbered images, with the exception of commissioned orders our series rarely exceed 295, making them very collectable, indeed!

We select lithograph or giclée depending on the image, the style John is working in and the potential demand/price point and quality of the final piece that can be achieved.

Dynamite colours!

Not only much more affordable, they offer the variety that simply can’t be maintained with Originals only AND they make a tremendous difference to our collectors.

You may decide that nothing but an Original will do for that special place over the mantelpiece but….. when you are shopping for a wedding gift… affordable! exchangeable! to say nothing of our gift wrapping and shipping!

Inquire about our Specialty Charity Editions! Your ‘Sold Out Favourite’ might be available!

Pansies, pots and pranksters

am I lost?

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